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heroes of shadow brooding characters Heroes of Shadow   Evil Character Builder A blood-stained Blackguard who hands flowers out to children? An emo-cannibal Necromancer? A spoiled Hexblade who stares people down? A grungy Assassin who donates all his income to charity?

Building on the idea of  Shady Personalities, Here are a few character traits that “may” be appropriate for a character built with the Heroes of Shadow Heroes of Shadow   Evil Character Builder player supplement.

The “builder” is a set of three traits — one outward physical trait, one concealed inward trait, and one redeeming trait. After all, no one is perfect, and that includes “perfectly evil”.

For each trait, you will roll a D10. Some of the combinations are obvious, and some of them are just plain goofy. Roll it up and see what you get!

(1, 6, and 10 seem like possibilities for the picture to the left)

1D10 Outward Physical Traits

  1. Evil-eye stare (excessive staring can be creepy)
  2. Unkempt appearance
  3. Blood-stained clothes
  4. Self-inflicted scarring
  5. Evil tattoos or writing
  6. Sinister voice
  7. Sinister prose (it’d be a shame if anything happened to you…)
  8. Evil mutations, disease, or necrotic rot
  9. Unsettling presence (some people just rub everyone the wrong way)
  10. Lights dim around you

1D10 Concealed Inward Traits

  1. Kills for money
  2. Homewrecker, harlot, trollop, gigolo… “performs” for money
  3. Lesser incubus, succubus, or other lesser demon trying to “earn their stripes”
  4. Really a mindflayer (everyone else just perceives you as something else)
  5. Worships evil gods, and feels obligated to do their bidding once per day
  6. Manipulative and spoiled
  7. Eats people
  8. Compulsive liar
  9. Impostor (took over someone else’s life)
  10. Masochism or schadenfreude

1D10 Redeeming Traits

  1. Refuses to kill anything
  2. Only kills evil doers
  3. Donates extensively to charity to make up for evil deeds
  4. Steals from the rich and gives to the poor
  5. Comes from an evil background, and could be much, much worse
  6. Has a sense of honor and mercy
  7. Protects the weak (violently)
  8. Gives flowers and candy to strangers and children
  9. Does evil to accomplish the greater good
  10. Charming, attractive, flirtatious, cute and innocent

Your Ideas?

The lists above are just a few I brainstormed. Do you have any you would like to add, or any characters you are proud of that you would like to share?

3 comments for “Heroes of Shadow – Evil Character Builder

  1. Sunyaku
    February 18, 2011 at 4:33 am

    Long before I had the idea for this post, one of my players chose to play a character that was a combination of 8, 5, 7. He had a cursed necrotic undead arm (8), which was the result of his escape from former servitude. In that magical servitude, he was forced to murder many people, including women and children. After much prayer, his escape was aided by an unlikely deity, the chaotic evil god Bazim-Goraag. The character then owed Bazim a great debt, and while he didn’t exactly “worship” Bazim, he had to obey Bazim, and often do the deity’s bidding (5). Prior to getting wrapped up in all this madness, the character was a just and honorable knight… and a piece of that lingers with him still, thought it has been horribly twisted. If, for example, he sees someone on the street strike a woman or child, he attempts a Will save to determine whether or not he begins to beat the aggressor senseless (7).

  2. Michael_M
    February 21, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    I really like this. It gets the players thinking of the possibilities, so they could merely use the charts as inspiration or to expedite deeper character traits. I you could do the same thing with the personality questions in the Player’s Handbook.

    In your comment you mention the player would have to make a resistance roll during certain situations, this I oppose. If the player is embracing her character they should just act it out, not leave it to the dice. If the dice say you fail then they do it half-heartedly and the other players are saying, “oh, darn, sorry.” Instead, if it is merely a condition, like a priest praying and a rogue hiding, it is exciting, “Evil Bob is going to teach someone a lesson!”

    • Sunyaku
      February 22, 2011 at 2:38 am

      To clarify– the will saves on the character were self induced– they were the player’s idea. He really wanted a chaotic character in the purest sense of the word, so I let him. He create a system by which a die roll might cause the character to take on one of several personas– that of his former, noble self, that of his tortured, current self, or that of his chaotic evil service to Bazim Gorag.
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