I have a Plastic Addiction

plastic addiction despair I have a Plastic AddictionHi, my name is Sunyaku, and I have a plastic addiction.

And Wizards of the Coast knows how to give me what I need. Just when I thought I had enough Dungeons and Dragons products, WotC releases the Book of Vile Darkness, Heroes of the Feywild, Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, and worst of all, the Dragon Collector’s Set.

Addictions Start with a Taste…

I started ‘seriously’ collecting miniatures only last year. It was right around the time that the Beholder Collector’s Set was released. I remember other DMs reveling in their many-eyed purchase. It was like Christmas at the game shop, but I just didn’t understand.

My miniatures collection technically started with my very small, humble, pewter figurine collection that I accumulated from various Renaissance festivals and State Fairs. The flow of plastic started when my wife bought a few dozen common and uncommon minis for my birthday from Troll and Toad. It was innocent enough. I was volunteering as a Dungeon Master for the Encounters program, so I needed the miniatures, right?

I was given a few miniatures from various folks over the next few months, but I was not yet a plastic hoarder. However, I began to envy the endless variety that DMs with large collections seemed to have.Half Elf Hexblade I have a Plastic Addiction

Then the rains came. I knew a guy who was trying to sell a percentage of his massive (10,000+) minis collection, and he was offering great deals. Nearly $300 and a few hundred minis later, my wife and I had a decent start on our collection. Suddenly, the trickle became a fast-moving stream (we completely skipped over the “babbling-brook” phase).

We did it… for the Children…?

We started buying boxes of random minis. We justified the purchases saying to ourselves, “It’s OK, these won’t be available soon, since plastic is too expensive and Wizards of the Coast stopped production. And besides, these are an investment. They’ll last forever and our kids can play with these some day”. At least a half-dozen random boxes later, we somehow managed to stop buying them. I am still dissapointed I never pulled any of the good rares out of the Lords of Madness I have a Plastic Addiction set. Sadly, the disappointment only makes me want to buy more. icon sad I have a Plastic Addiction

Without warning, my wife began showing an interest in some-assembly-required metal figs. She started buying metal figs, and parts for metal figs, not because we planned to use them for anything, but just because they were cool, or she thought they would be fun to put together.

And then a guy at my game shop was selling his entire DreamBlade Miniatures I have a Plastic Addiction
collection… and we thought, “We can use these as Dungeons and Dragons minis right?” And don’t get me started on Heroscape… when I see a pack of those on sale I have to restrain myself.

To combat the plastic addiction, we bought the monster vault box of tokens, but by then it was too late. Sure, the tokens are useful, but they are just not the same. The plastic has taken hold. And by then, it wasn’t just figures, but dice too. I was buying new dice regularly, and as I write this post, we easily have hundreds!

stingray I have a Plastic AddictionThe plastic addiction continues to get worse. We find ourselves in the toys section of the dollarstore, and visiting garage sales in our neighborhood in the hopes of finding suitable gaming plastic. Last summer we spent $2 on giant toddler legos because we thought they would make a neat castle wall. Recently, we spent $40 at Party City to acquire a wide variety of wildlife figures for approximately 40 cents a piece (including several of these nifty stingrays). The plastic must flow!

Siren Call of the Dragon Collector Set

And now, here I am. I really “shouldn’t” buy the Dragon Collectors Set, because we’re trying to save money to buy a newer car, and a house. But I really want the figs… must… not… preorder… but I get 10% off at my FLGS if I preorder… and if I order on the right day I get double VIP points… which means I could get all the things I want for nearly 25% percent off right?

Dragon Collectors Set 150x150 I have a Plastic AddictionHow can I pass up such a deal? The fact that I have never pulled a dragon figure out of a random box only increases the desire for the collector set. Sure, someone might get me these things for Christmas or my birthday (also in December), but what if they don’t? And if they do, they’ll have to pay the full 100 percent of the cost! Surely I can’t let that happen, right? I should just preorder later this week? For the sake of… my family… saving money… ???

Oh, raptor jesus, please help me…

2 comments for “I have a Plastic Addiction

  1. Sunyaku
    October 23, 2011 at 2:37 am

    Some unfortunate news– stores can only reserve THREE of the Dragon Collector’s Set! I put my name on the waiting list… I hope I am able to purchase one.

    I hope I don’t have to forsake my local FLGS and purchase from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. (>.>)

  2. Tom Mueller
    November 5, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Fun story! My minis addiction began in the early 80s, painting all through high school… Then DDM appeared, and it was D&D Pokemon. I have 1 of every dragon (except the gargantuans), and hordes of the common races – though I’d really like more elves… It can be a money pit, but at least I’m using my minis on a regular basis. Hope you get good use out of yours!

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