Lair Assault Will Kill You

lair assault forge of the dawn titan Lair Assault Will Kill YouAnd that is why we are all so excited! The new Lair Assault format will provide veteran player characters the incredibly tough challenges they crave. Are you ready for a Total Party Kill?

The public play Encounters program has been great for attracting and acclimating new players to DnD, and it certainly does an absurd amount of damage to low level characters, but it just does not offer the level of complexity or difficulty that inspires veteran players to play like their character’s lives truly depended on every action.

DM vs. PC Battle Royale

No quarter. No pulling punches. Squeamish dungeon masters need not apply. Although the role of the dungeon master does not change, Lair Assault will require DMs who are not afraid to use the most devious, deadliest tactics possible to slay the characters at their table. But don’t you dare feel sorry for the players, because we can expect Lair Assault contestants  to bring the stinkiest, cheesiest cheese they can munster.

I’m as excited as anyone, so with this post, we are creating a new blog category just for Lair Assault strategy, tactics, character builds, party optimization, fortune card decks, item suggestions, and commentary to help player characters everywhere survive this exciting new Dungeons and Dragons public play format.

Lair Assault Details

Here’s the information that has been released thus far:

The first Lair Assault, Forge of the Dawn Titan, is scheduled to begin September 1st. Over the next six weeks many of our articles will focus on Lair Assault strategies, including character and party optimization, item recommendations, and fortune card deck ideas.  We hope you survive the assault!

Are You Excited?

Veteran players at my FLGS have an email thread that has been fairly active over the last few weeks discussing many aspects of the challenges we might face. To gear up for the challenge, four of us even pre-ordered a box of Neverwinter Fortune Cards. How are you preparing for the challenge?

2 comments for “Lair Assault Will Kill You

  1. Sunyaku
    August 17, 2011 at 3:24 am

    New articles coming!!! Things have been a little crazy with wedding plans, but I have oodles of rough content to distill into a lovely series of posts.

  2. Sunyaku
    September 2, 2011 at 1:19 am

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