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felicia day Nerdy Gaming Spoof Music Videos[youtube_post video_id=54VJWHL2K3I]

[youtube_post video_id=wXIgNnB_oq4]

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CAUTION: Viewing these videos may cause you to have catchy tunes stuck in your head for days! Oh well, too late.

The Rise of Gaming Culture

Move over Yankovic! With the growing, widespread acceptance of gaming in mainstream culture, what was once “nerdy” or “dorky” is no longer so unusual. A great example of this trend are high quality, nerdy spoof videos. All three of these are great examples of nerdtastic awesome. Try not to watch them more than once (and not just because of the hot nerdy girls)!

Like a D6

Wizards of the Coast Approves! This video was unique in that WotC actually interviewed the creators! Although this video has been wildly popular over the last couple weeks, as far as lyrics, production quality, and general catchiness go, I prefer the next video.

Like It’s Quidditch

I know, it’s Harry Potter, and many DnD fanboys are also die hard Tolkien fans who skoff at the Harry Potter universe. But the chick was hot, so don’t complain. And yes, I did see that you watched seconds 41-43 more than once…

Do You Want to Date My Avatar?

Cruising around Youtube, I came across one other video from a couple years ago. I had to include it in this post, and not just because I have the hots for Felicia Day (thank you, Dr. Horrible). This video is even better than a spoof, as it is an original song!

Ahh, Felicia… alas… I am already married to a hot nerdy woman. I guess you missed out.

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  1. Sunyaku
    October 3, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Not sure how I missed this Bollywood awesomeness!!!
    Sunyaku recently posted..Lair Assault Tactics for Dungeon Masters

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