Neverwinter Fortune Cards Review

Neverwinter Fortune Cards Neverwinter Fortune Cards ReviewI never thought I would do this, but myself and three other folks from my FLGS pre-ordered a box of Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter Fortune Cards! Here’s why…

Lair Assault Beckons…

In mid May 2011, Wizards of the Coast announced a new play format: Lair Assault. This new format was designed specifically for veteran DnD gamers, or anyone else who is a masochist, or simply has a death wish. The adventures are meant to be ultra-hard, to test the guts, the mettle, and the cheesiest of the cheese parties that players can dream up.

In this play format, players are looking for every edge to help them overcome the unknown challenges that await. D&D Fortune Cards were released earlier this year, and provide a new layer of min/maxing options for rabid players. Most veteran players at my FLGS have casually supported the new fortune cards at Public Play Encounters and Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) event, but with the challenge of Lair Assault on the horizon, we started getting serious.

We all knew we would end up buying several packs in the long run, so why not pre-order a box and save some money?

The Neverwinter Verdict

I had the opportunity to page through the contents of about 12 packs (dozen rare, ~20 unique uncommon, and ~30 unique common cards ) with one other box-buyer. We had the following observations:

  1. The power levels of cards scaled more accurately by rarity. By this I mean that rare cards would almost always be useful, uncommons would often be useful, and commons would be more situationally beneficial.
  2. With this new set, there is a lot more opportunity to build a “themed” deck. Specifically it seems like it would be easy to build an interesting deck around the “prone” state.
  3. Rares are still really good, but seem more tactically-oriented. With each new set (and the more cards you accumulate), it seems like it would be harder to decide what cards to put into a 10 card deck. There is no “black lotus. Few cards are so good that they are “must haves”.
  4. Some common cards from the first set will still be hard NOT to play with. Two words: “Reckless Onslaught”. When you miss with an at-will attack, you can re-roll the attack and afterwards fall prone and take damage equal to your level.

All things considered, I don’t regret buying the cards, and I’m still really looking forward to Lair Assault. I rebuilt my encounters deck for Trogdor and swapped out a few cards. Oddly enough, I didn’t use any of the new rares I drew. I am curious to see where Fortune Cards go from here, and how they affect the program. I know many players are still pessimistic, but so long as WotC continues to give away free cards as renown rewards, I don’t think I’ll be complaining any time soon.

Your Thoughts?

Have you bought any Neverwinter Fortune Cards? Did you draw a rare worth mentioning?

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