Trogdor, the Burninator in DnD

classic trogdor Trogdor, the Burninator in DnDHave you ever wanted to recreate a real-life or fictional character in the DnD universe? For the current season of Encounters, Dark Legacy of Evard, I agonized for hours over how best to port Trogdor, the Burninator into D&D.

After running dungeons and dragons public play encounters games at my local game shop for all 33 weeks of the Phantom Brigade and Keep on the Borderlands, I took a break for the Dark Legacy of Evard. I knew I would be gone on vacation a few of the weeks, so I figured I would just play whenever I could. But that begs the question, what to play?

One aspect of the short seasons of DnD encounters that I enjoy is that you can play test one or two (if you die) builds each season. For whatever reason, I had an itch to transfer a character of pure majesty over to the D&D universe. If you are not familiar with Trogdor, please watch this video from Strong Bad at before proceeding.

Alright, now that you’ve experience the glory that is Trogdor, I had a few limitations. I wanted to create a character with as much burnination and beefiness as possible, but I was limited to the character creation rules of the encounters program. I toyed around with the idea of a Pyromancer Mage in plate mail, but that build wasn’t nearly beefy enough. I also agonized over whether Trogdor should be human or a dragonborn. I eventually chose dragonborn for the dragon breath (fire, of course) racial ability.

After several hours of playing with the character builder, I finally made Trogdor an infernal pact hexblade. With an even split between CON and CHA, this seemed to be the most beefy, burninating, majestic combo available. From here, I just had to reskin the hexblade attacks into something worthy of Trogdor’s majesty. Here’s what I did:

  • Soul Eater = Consummate V’s (hey, these spinities aren’t just for show…)
  • Eldritch Bolt = Majestic Glimmer (A shimmering ray of majesty jumps up and bites you in the face…)
  • Soul Feast = Peasant Stomp Bonus
  • Blazing Doom of the Void = Burninate a Peasent
  • Dragon Breath = Burninate the Countryside
  • Hellfire Blast = Burninating all the People and their Thatched-Roof Cottages
  • Vital Stats: AC 17, Fort 15, Ref 12, Will 15, HP 30, Surges 10, Surge Value 11.
  • Feat = Rod Expertise
  • Trained Skills: Stealth, History (to find his way at night, since Trogdor has no darkvision), Insight (to detect fear of his majesty), and Intimidate.

A Truly Majestic Fig

Next, I thought I would test my wife’s skills as an artist… so I asked her to craft a Trogdor mini. Of course, I asked only a couple days before the first session, so she did it all in one day, because she’s that awesome. Even within a short time period, she crafted pure majesty…

Trogdor mini 1 150x150 Trogdor, the Burninator in DnD Trogdor mini 2 150x150 Trogdor, the Burninator in DnD

I also created this nifty tri-fold stand so there would be absolutely no confusion who this majestic dragon man was. These tri-folds are especially useful in public play settings when your character has bonuses that affect other players.

Equipment was by far the easiest part. Hexblades need very little. I bought a rod, chainmail, a backpack, and then a bunch of torches and pints of oil. As far as roleplaying is concerned, I use my best Strong Bad voice for all of Trogdor’s speech. Trogdor was adventuring across the countryside because there is only so much burnination that can be had in area. Fire requires a delicate, balanced ecosystem.

As far the play is concerned, the infernal pact dragonborn hexblade is surprisingly durable, and deals some hefty damage rolling d12s. With the +4 in CON, HP, surges, surge value, and temp hit points generation is all off the charts. And boy do I need it. I’ve been tracking my damage per session this season, and I’ve averaged well over 30 a night. Some players scoff at my creation, but a few others have wept laughing so hard.

Trogdor Burninating 300x187 Trogdor, the Burninator in DnDTrogdor in action, burninating a thatched-roof cottage.

What do You Think?

Would you have made any changes to Trogdor? Have you had any success porting characters over to the dungeons and dragons universe?

2 comments for “Trogdor, the Burninator in DnD

  1. Josh
    July 12, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    Aww, look! It’s mah little dwarf standing in the middle of yer burninated cottage!

    The one downside I see to the Infernal Hexblade is that the weapon deals exclusively necrotic damage. Has that been a real problem, or have you been dealing so much damage that the shades and undead are still feeling the burn?

    • Sunyaku
      July 13, 2011 at 3:09 am

      Well, the melee At-Will deals Necrotic damage, the ranged At-Will deals force damage, the daily does fire damage, and the encounter power deals Fire AND Necrotic damage, so it hasn’t really been a problem. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that I made Trogdor an “Execution of Undeath” at level 2.

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