50 Posts! State of the Shadow 2012

shadow power source 50 Posts! State of the Shadow 2012Now that we’ve had two nearly ten weeks of “ado”, it’s time to celebrate. With the article, I have a Plastic Addiction, we reached the 50 post milestone here at www.heroesofshadow.com

2011 Year in Review

This blog was founded in November, 2010, so it was launched just over a year now. Even though I have been on hiatus for November and December in 2011, it is not without good reason. As some of you may know, at the beginning of 2010, my life focus was mainly on recovering from cancer (hodgekin’s lymphoma). I’m doing well now, and in remission, but recovering lost strength and physical ability is, well, a pain. Exercise is a lot of work when lose most of your muscle mass.

This fall, I married a wonderful woman, who, as of this week, is joining me on the blogosphere soon with her own website, http://thesteampunkhowto.com/. She makes me all kinds of neat, top quality, homemade gaming stuff (when I ask nicely), so I’ll begin to feature images of these more often, and possibly even videos of the creations in progress. Maybe I can even convince her to make me some steampunk themed clockwork golem figurines or something… if you have any suggestions, leave a message in the comments!

But I digress. If you’ve ever planned your own wedding, you know that you put a lot of other things in life on hold until after the wedding is over. Essentially, I spent November and December “catching up on life”. In the post I’m Not Dead, But I’m Working On It, I mentioned that I’m basically working two jobs now– my full-time day job, and my part-time home business. Also in November 2010 (just as I was getting over chemo, and looking like skeletor) my wife and I started our home business, Jade Ghost, a boutique internet marketing and web design firm. Anyways, projects ramped up just after the wedding, so I was still putting a long backlog of work on hold. The list is still long, but I’m slowly chipping away at it.

And now, we have news that the world of Dungeons and Dragons will be changing with the development of 5th edition. Will Wizards of the Coast bring an end to edition wars? Only time will tell. Excelsior!

2011 Web Stats

These weren’t too bad, but could be better. Later on in this article I’ll list how we’re going to “turn it up a notch” before the world ends in 2012.

  • Page Views: ~20,000
  • Unique Visitors: ~5,000
  • Best Referrer: ~500 views from  http://dungeonsmaster.com/
  • Site Revenue: ~$20 (Amazon affiliation and Google adsense)
  • Comments: ~100

Woohoo, my comment rambling on Dungeonsmaster.com paid off a little! If you are unfamiliar with their site, go check them out. They do great work. As far as page views and visitors go, it is a little hard to parse the spam from these numbers, but I think this was still good for the first year. I listed the fourth bullet not to be a pretentious jerk, but to point out that despite the ads, Amazon store, and affiliate links I may post, this blog is ultimately a labor of love. What little revenue that happens to come in barely even pays for the annual registration fees. Every little bit helps.

Most Popular Posts

2011 Author’s Top Article Picks

Regardless of the number of page views, I think these are the best articles of 2011 (by category).

Heroes of Shadow

Attaction Point

Game Resources

Public Play Memoirs & Lair Assault

What’s New for 2012

I have lofty goals for 2012. All it takes is a few comments from you to keep me going!

RSS Feed (Finally)

Some of you may recall that I had an RSS feed for a very short period this summer. For whatever reason, the feed broke the ComLuv plugin I use… and soon I will finally resolve that issue.

Bi-Weekly Tuesday Posts

I need to get in a good rhythm, and people need to know when they can look forward to new content. Thus, I am hereby committing to a minimum of two posts per month, published every other Tuesday evening.

Focus on Useful Resources

The announcement of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons is an excellent scenario for the phrase “talk is cheap”. Everyone is talking about 5e DnD, and all that commentary won’t be interesting to read once the facts come out. I will strive to produce more posts that are timeless, and transcend all editions and variants.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+

I had been using my personal accounts to promote the articles I wrote. I will soon create accounts for this website. When that happens, links will be provided somewhere in the navigation. These social media platforms are much better suited to house any brief commentary I have on current events in the gaming world. I will likely set up a Twitter feed widget in one of the site’s side bars.


If I’m creating three social media accounts, why not go for four? Four is my favorite/lucky number, after all. The Youtube account will primarily be used to showcase the awesome art, figurines, and maps my wife has produced for our private D&D campaign.

For any future art projects, these videos will also briefly cover the “how to” in case you want to attempt to produce these awesome creations yourself.

Silvercrow Times

Speaking of home campaign– I will also attempt to catalog the events of the home campaign in a new category. The campaign takes place in the LFR universe, in a small region of my own creation known as “Silvercrow”. It is located North of Neverwinter, on the fork in the river.

My Own Game Design

I’ve been slowly, slowly, slowly developing my own tabletop roleplaying game. In parallel, I am working on a book that takes place within the same “world”. The book is a horror novel, and the game will be a pre/during/post apocalyptic survival RPG. And that’s more than enough detail for now!

More Cool Resources

I have ideas for lots of cool maps and intricate dungeons. I’m sure some of these will find their way into the Silvercrow Times, but I will make an effort to formalize and give away the “cream of the crop” for free on this site. If anyone feels like the DnD universe is lacking anything in particular, let me know. icon wink 50 Posts! State of the Shadow 2012

Thank You!

A big thanks to all 20,000 people who visited this blog over the last year or so, and an extra special thanks to everyone who left a comment. A few words is all it takes to keep me going.I may waste a lot of time marking spambot comments as spam, but it’s worth the effort when I get to approve an interesting and relevant “real” comment! When the RSS and social media are up and running, I hope you’ll subscribe via whatever channel you prefer. There’s a lot to look forward to this year!

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  1. Alton
    January 13, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Glad to see you up and running again. Looking forward to the posts this year. Good Luck with it all.
    Alton recently posted..Gaming in a Small Town

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