Best DnD Prop EVAR!

[youtube_post video_id=4YrUwDE0HG0]

Description: A group of friends play D&D for the first time, struggling to figure out who is the best Dungeon Master. If you enjoy this, visit Role Playing Public Radio a tabletop rpg podcast

A Note About the Video

So, the first few minutes are mildly entertaining, but the awesome portion starts at about 3:20. I am still in awe of how cooperative this particular “prop” was, and the dungeon master implemented it into the combat wonderfully.

And in Other News…

Note quite a Heroes of Shadow “state of the shadow”, but a brief update–

  • Still waiting for D&D 5th edition play test materials. *SIGH*
  • Attending Anime Central this weekend!
  • Seriously starting to work on an eBook.
  • Also seriously considering working on a cell phone application project.
  • The previous two bullets will definitely detract from my blogging time on this site, but we’ll see where life takes us.
  • Cancer now in remission for 18 months.

P.S. — If you’re going to ACEN, give me a shout out! Not sure yet if I’ll be lurking around the tabletop area at all this weekend, as the schedule has not yet been posted.

1 comment for “Best DnD Prop EVAR!

  1. Sunyaku
    April 25, 2012 at 5:18 am

    In sort of related news, we did manage to get one of our cats, Nightshade, to roll a d20 a few times. Whenever we have a session at our house, and someone leaves their chair, Nightshade takes it over, sits there patiently, and watches everyone play. It’s so cute!
    Sunyaku recently posted..Best DnD Prop EVAR!

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