Games Inspire and Save Lives

Games have an uncanny ability to initiate and sustain certain behaviors in humans. While games can be viewed as a waste of time, or as I often say, “a simple manipulation of pixels”, games have great potential to create patterns that create real benefits in our lives.

As a person who has asked many a video game addict, “What level is your character in real life”, I was skeptical of the following video, but as a cancer survivor who went through a similar struggle to restore my health, this video is a MUST SEE.

As an old quote once said:

Think clearly because what you think becomes what you say.
Think again before you speak, as what you say will become what you do.
Think before you act because your actions become habits.
Think carefully about your habits because habits form your character.
Examine your character because it becomes your future.

I believe games really do possess the ability to change our lives for the better… and now without further ado, please enjoy the video:


Your Thoughts?

Do you think games hold potential for improving our health, educational, or social systems? Have you seen games used effectively to develop healthy behaviour?

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