Gearing Up for Geekkon!

Hi folks, Sunyaku here. I have not been keeping up with my two post per month blog schedule recently, but I have news on several fronts.

First, my lovely wife April and I just returned from a much needed honeymoon in Hawaii. Maui was every bit as beautiful as the travel brochures and website suggest it is. If I spend too much time there, however, I will probably start developing a tropical tabletop campaign… but I digress.

Second, April (aka Amy Lionheart of Purple Koi Designs) has a vendor booth at Geekkon this year here in Madison, WI, so I will be working that with her. If you are in the Madison area attending the convention, stop by to say hi! The booth will feature a wide variety of apparel, accessories, and custom tabletop figs. We are really looking forward to it!

Third, after reading Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think!” and “It’s Not Rocket Surgery” along with the hundreds of internet marketing publications I read to keep up with things for Jade Ghost LLC, I plan to revamp the website, change around the categories and navigation, and start producing some different types of content. I’ll still probably post news and playtest commentary now and then, but I want to produce more timeless/evergreen content that is relatively tabletop and version agnostic.

I’d also like to start publishing some free content and downloads you folks, including maps, adventures, world building resources, instructional videos, and drafts of indie games that I am slowly (but surely) developing!

See you at Geekkon!

(and fingers crossed that Purple Koi Designs will also be vending at Teslacon in Madison as well… application is pending…)

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