Play DnD – Get Free Stuff?

dungeons and dragon gifts Play DnD   Get Free Stuff?The title sounds crazy, I’m sure. But after several experiences where gaming affiliation earned my wife or I things that we otherwise would have had to pay for, it was time to write about it.

If this is your first time visiting this blog, I play a fair amount of Dungeons and Dragons. And I drag my wife April into it as well. Aside from our home game with friends, I also play and volunteer to run games at our friendly local game shop (FLGS), Pegasus Games.

Stating the Obvious

I am a volunteer Game Master. I get some free swag from Wizards of the Coast through public plan programs, and occasionally from the game store itself. A few seasons of encounters later, everyone recognizes your face and probably knows your name. In two years of running games, I’d say I’ve acquired about $50 in swag from Wizards of the Coast. Not a lot considering the hundreds of volunteer hours, but at least it’s something.

Joining a Gaming Community has Real World Consequences

We are very fortunate to live near a game shop that has a HUGE dungeons & dragons community. For encounters every Wednesday night, there are 30-50 people that play across all the time slots. And then we have lair assault, living forgot realms, and other special events. There is a lot going on.

With this number of people, you tend to start running into them around town. Today, in fact, April and I visited the Old Sugar Distillery for the first time. We ran into a fellow that I taught how to play 4th edition DnD at the game shop a few months back. Well, it turns out the entire distillery is run by only four gentlemen, and he is one of them. They oversee the growth of the crops,  harvest them, turn them into various forms of alcohol, and on weekends these same fellows tend bar.

We were allowed to taste-test all six of their fine liquors for free, and we received a round of cocktails on the house. Retail value of around $15. I should not that the taste-test is provided for all first-timers, but normally includes their main four liquors, not six.

Gifts From Strangers

Embracing the nerdery that is our lives, April has acquired a few nerdy T-shirts over the years.  One day, she was wearing her “The Dice Are Trying to Kill Me Play DnD   Get Free Stuff?” t-shirt. She went into one of our local gas stations for coffee while I was pumping gas (we were in a hurry… otherwise we would have gone to one of our regular coffee shops).

April never drinks regular coffee, so she went to the register with a large cappuccino. The teller commented on how much she loved April’s shirt, and charged her for a regular coffee. Retail value, around $2. Being told by strangers that you’re awesome because of D&D, priceless.

Tell Us Your Story!

Have you had similar experiences you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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