The Avengers DnD Builds

avengers 2012 300x253 The Avengers DnD BuildsReady for a Dungeons and Dragons Super Hero campaign? Here are 16th level builds for all of the heroes from the upcoming film “The Avengers”. Bring on the super villains!

From our last post, a number of players and dungeon masters from my friendly local game shop were excited about the idea of transporting Avengers to the DnD universe. Special thanks to all those from Pegasus Games who helped out!

The set of six is available for download here. This is a ~9MB zip file, so don’t bother downloading it from a smart phone.

The Avengers as D&D Characters

After some discussion via email, the heroes were upgraded from level 12 to level 16. Paragon tier is the “world saving” tier, and we thought the group should not be too “young” in their world saving careers. For mechanical fairness, each was made the same level. I suppose it is also worth noting that these are 4th edition DnD builds. Here is a very brief overview of the templates applied to each character:

  • Hulk = Half-Orc Monk (with extra smashy smashiness)
  • Hawkeye = Human Ranger Hunter (with an arsenal of special arrows)
  • Thor = Human Storm Paladin (lots of wind/thunder/lightning goodness)
  • Captain America = Human Hybrid Fighter/Warlord (big shield, absurd defenses)
  • Black Widow = Human Rogue Thief (and by far the brains of the operation)
  • Iron Man = Warforged Sorcerer (flying robot is a must, of course)

Maybe after the movie releases, someone at our game shop will put together a short campaign based on the film… we’ll see.

Your Thoughts?

Was there anything in particular you liked about these builds? What would you change? I was a little sad I didn’t jam another known language into Black Widow’s repertoire, but oh well, there’s always room for improvement… and imperfection can make for interesting roleplay.

6 comments for “The Avengers DnD Builds

  1. Gracchus
    March 28, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Important note – where characters have two wildly different aspects (Hulk, Iron Man), these write-ups only detail the “combat side.” Iron Man’s not too far off (he ought to be smarter), but there’s just no way to squeeze a Banner in to Hulk. :)

    In a perfect world, Tony would be a Self-Forged Artificer. Trying to turn that in to an end-product that *felt* like Iron Man, though, just failed.

  2. Philo Pharynx
    March 29, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    I know that in 3.5 I did Wolverine as a half-troll barbarian/ranger.

    • Sunyaku
      March 29, 2012 at 11:37 pm

      Awesome! Troll regen seems like a must for Wolverine. :D

  3. thorynn
    March 29, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    I would make Cap a brawler fighter, rather than a warlord/fighter hybrid. He can still have an awesome shield and armor, but either grapple guys or punch them in the face. Maybe with a spiked gauntlet. I had a warlord in 4e with a throwing shield we always referred to as my Captain America shield. That would be a must for his magic item wishlist.

    It would be cool to give each build a signature magic item too. Hammer for Thor, Bow for Hawkeye, Magic… uh… pants for Hulk?!
    thorynn recently posted..Story Cubes – Game Night Carnival!

    • Sunyaku
      March 29, 2012 at 11:42 pm

      I didn’t make Cap’n America, but he is a brawler style fighter, and he totally does have a spiked gauntlet and throwing shield. Apparently you and Grocchus think alike.

      Also, a number of the heroes do have “signature weapons” but not all of them. Thor, for example, has the artifact weapon “Whelm” as his hammer. In general, I think most of the creators tried to use LFR style magic item rules for character creation, so we couldn’t give characters “everything”. If we did, they might not be much fun to actually play.

      That said, I spent almost all of Hawkeye’s gold budget on special ammunition. :-D

  4. Chino Devine
    May 9, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Not too bad overall. Hulk is always a tough one, but with our build (similar theme, in tomb of horrors and with expanded marvel universe) we went with barbarian with I think a maul. Doesn’t quite fit the hulk style wise, but we always said it was just a giant boulder or cart flavor wise. And yeah, totally agree on Ironman: self forged artificer. And I think paladin is good for thor, but we went with storm warden instead but different strokes and all that. As an aside, Wolverine: longtooth shifter whirling barbarian multi-class ranger and Nightcrawler: eladrin assault swordmage with a spellscar. A little late on my part, but great article


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