Come to Geekkon this Weekend!

Hi folks,

I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a bad person, and I have not been blogging regularly.

I have a HUGE backlog of game development ideas, and notes on tons of awesome content I want to give away for free on this site. There is so much cool stuff from my private campaign I could share on this blog, if I could only find the time. I’m working on that. And I’m working on a few books, and a couple board games, and a combination book/RPG… lol… and between my day job, co-owning, and helping my wife with her crafting business at (

But speaking of my wife, come join us at! I will be helping her to run the Purple Koi Designs vendor booth at location V10, where I will be acting/voice acting throughout the convention. In addition to my wife’s vast array of Steampunk wares, we will also be selling some miniatures and other miscellaneous items, so stop on by and check out the shop! If you mention this blog or if we recognize you as a regular patron of, you will quality for our “Madison Geeks” discount!

See you at the con! We’re heading out in a couple hours to start setting up the booth!


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