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Category Descriptions

Heroes of Shadow

The Heroes of Shadow category provides information, critiques, reviews, suggestions, and other commentary related to the Dungeons and Dragons product release of the Heroes of Shadow player supplement, and other resources related to the shadowfell.

Attaction Point

The Attaction Point category provides Dungeons and Dragons news, current events commentary, tips, game resources, war stories, homebrew content, gaming commentary, theories on randomization, gaming humor, and all kinds of other miscellaneous goodness. The phrase “attaction point” was the invention of one of my players. (^_^)

Game Resources

The Game Resources category provides Dungeons and Dragons theories on simulating a realistic fantasy world, free homebrew modules, and all kinds of other miscellaneous game resources.

Public Play Memoirs

The Public Play Memoirs category is a diary of sorts. It is a collection of DnD experiences, musings, and horror stories.

Lair Assault

The Lair Assault category contains strategy, tactics, character builds, party optimization, fortune card decks, item suggestions, and commentary to help players everywhere survive this incredibly deadly play format.

Silvercrow Times

The Silvercrow Times contains game news, events, history, and happenings related to my homebrew campaign, the Silvercrow Tournament of Champions. I intend to catalog the entire campaign in this category… we’ll see how that goes.

About the Author

Sunyaku (Chris Shaw) is a former CCG addict, long-time gaming enthusiast, martial artist (www.soyokazedojo.com & www.oomyungdoe.com) , cancer survivor, and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast. A technical writer by trade, Chris is somewhat obsessed with simulating varying degrees of “realistic fantasy” with thoughtful adjudication, supplementary randomization tables of varying types, and a lot of background and world building. Bored by the limitations inherent in most electronic games, Chris enjoys the limitless worlds of the tabletop RPG.

Legal Notice

The content published on www.heroesofshadow.com is the property of Jade Ghost, LLC. All rights reserved. This blog is maintained for hobby/personal interest purposes, but more importantly, it is a testing ground for SEO experimentation.

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