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Dungeons and Dragons theories on simulating a realistic fantasy world, free homebrew modules, and all kinds of other miscellaneous game resources.

The Avengers DnD Builds

Ready for a Dungeons and Dragons Super Hero campaign? Here are 16th level builds for all of the heroes from the upcoming film “The Avengers”. Bring on the super villains! From our last post, a number of players and dungeon…

New Character Theme: Black Powder Barrister

Over decades of delving deeper and deeper into the knowledge of mountain, earth, and fire, your ancestors fused their skills of metallurgy, alchemy, and mechanics to produce weapons that rivaled the powers of magic, yet could be wielded by any soldier with just a few weeks of training.

DnD Needs More Boomstick!!!

Gunpowder propelled projectiles first appeared on the landscape of human history nearly 1,000 years ago. Why don’t we see more of this element in Dungeons and Dragons? Also, Heroes of Shadow homebrew character theme: Black Powder Barrister, to release soon!

Lair Assault Tactics for Dungeon Masters

Lair Assault dungeon masters have a great deal of freedom to structure their lair as they please, and this can play a huge part in the success or defeat of each party. As each group of players returns with more experience and better party optimization, how can you scale monster choice and tactics to continue to make the challenge even harder?

DnD Vacation Destinations and Tourist Attractions

As I prepare for a vacation, I pause to think where adventurers might go when they want to relax? Every now and again, characters deserve a break, but that doesn’t mean the players can’t still be playing. Here are a few ideas for leisure activities in the standard mortal realms of the DnD universe.