Heroes of Shadow

Heroes of Shadow information, critiques, reviews, suggestions, and other commentary related to the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons product release of the Heroes of Shadow player supplement.

Come to Geekkon this Weekend!

Come join us at Geekkon! I will be helping her to run the Purple Koi Designs vendor booth at location V10, where I will be acting/voice acting throughout the convention. In addition to my wife’s vast array of Steampunk wares, we will also be selling some miniatures and other miscellaneous items, so stop on by and check out the shop!

Review: 15th Anime Central Convention

hot succubus acen 2012

Last weekend my wife and I boarded the Totoro Cat Bus and attended Anime Central (ACEN) in Rosemont, Illinois. Overall it was an enjoyable convention, but in many ways I feel like it has lost its charm. Here’s my nearly comprehensive review of ACEN 2012.

Heroes of Shadow Release!

This weekend I picked up my pre-ordered copy of the Dungeons and Dragons players supplement, Heroes of Shadow. You can purchase Heroes of Shadow now at any “premier” Wizards of the Coast retailer. Heroes of Shadow will be available at…

Heroes of Shadow Blackguard

They will not “have your back”. They will not be your shield. And don’t expect them to “lay on hands” unless it’s “the bad touch”. The Heroes of Shadow Blackguard are the antithesis of of their stereotypically uptight counterparts. Although the class is not required to be evil, you can hardly expect them to be good.

NEW DnD Class: Vampires!?!

When I first saw this, I thought “Oh no! Twilight has invaded Dungeons and Dragons!” After giving it a bit more thought, however, I remain optimistic that this class has great potential. Here’s why…